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Hello there! Time to move over from ARMA II


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Hi there,


have been playing ARMA II for what seems like forever.  I've mostly played as heli/jet and vtol pilot doing bomb runs, drops and pickups using HOTAS and a few very large screens to make the experience much more enjoyable.  It seems like it is time to transition over to ARAMA III.  Is the experience with aircraft dissimilar to ARMA II, or are the flight, landing and takeoff mechanics much better?


The F35b on ARMA II was probably my preferred aircraft, along with a few guys on the ground with some Laser designation to let the rain fall!  Currently downloading ARMA III.  I was wondering what your play schedule is like and if you have open/public servers with running campaigns?  I spent alot of time on the old Silent Warrior servers back in the day!




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Welcome to Ahoyworld! I don't have nuch experience with arma II but I enjoy the flight mechanics in arma III a lot! We have 3 public servers. EU#1 and EU#2 is two normal invade and anex servers. And then we have EU#3 which is a modded public server. We do have events on that server sometimes also. 

Hope to see you around


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The public servers are a bit more every man for himself, but you can get some good squad play if you look. As for bombing runs there are no CAS jets on vanilla by default, but some spawn once FOBs open up. I try to keep a laser designator handy in case a good CAS pilot is online. 


EU3 is modded heavily and may have more CAS options. 


Oh and welcome. 

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