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Hope you all had a good Christmas! I've recently found Ahoy on Arma3 and I joined it because I really enjoy the people I meet and see on the server. 

I used to play with a team before Ahoy over a year ago. I was an Apache Pilot for the squad so I did air assault missions with them and also transport helicopter missions flying hellcats.


A little about me, I'm 18 years old 19 in feb from the UK. I'm currently in college completing Public Services level 3 wanting to become a RAF Police officer when I leave (Yes hate me). I used too play rugby but I got hurt and I didn't want anymore injuries before joining the RAF so now I do power lifting. I make music as a hobby so anyone into edm music hit me up haha.

Always been into gaming it's a huge part of my life I think when I meet people in real life who like gaming you take your friendship further by going home from college and jumping on games and having even more laughs with them. Unbeatable. 


I hope too hear from some new people soon and get on teamspeak and grow some bollocks and talk to people. I'm a keen pilot so any pilot slots on Arma I will steal just saying haha.

Hope you had a great Christmas and a good new years.


Cheers guys

- Karl Stone aka Bear.


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28 minutes ago, IOnceWasATeddy said:

Welcome! I completed the Public services course last year with a A, a pretty exciting course, if you need a hand with any of it let me know!

Thanks Teddy! I've been doing the course for 3 years now! As much as I've loved every second I'm happy I'm finishing! I will take you up on that offer haha War and Conflict unit is next :D 

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14 minutes ago, Lucas Collision Lights said:

I am heading to collage next year to complete a Level 3 Public Services diploma, waiting to join the RMP.


Fight me


Jokes <3 Welcome, enjoy your time with us


Kind Regards,


Good luck :) ! RMP was my first choice but I like the lifestyle of the RAF more. I shall fight you!(I will 100% lose.)

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4 minutes ago, Lucas Collision Lights said:

The only reason for wanting to join the RMP is for CP, the RAF seams to be more relaxed and ill be about to see the family more, but CP is pretty badass

Yes! I wanted to join CP, it's insane. Yeah I'm doing it because they look after you well and not saying the Army don't just I really wanna see my family I'm a bit of a mummy's boy. From the RAF Police I'm doing dog handling and then aviation security. Hopefully get up in the helicopter and do some security. But CP are some mad humans.

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4 hours ago, Lucas Collision Lights said:

Looking into it a bit more now, maybe the RAFP would be a bit better, Ill have to do some more digging!


Good luck with it all :) 

Hahaha, if you need anymore info just call them that's what I did :).

You to mate.

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