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Redneck Rider

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IG Name either being Nathan Redding or Redneck Rider.   Originally found out about the servers and the site from a certain Zeus Youtuber.  A Lance Corporal Liru.  Been on the server recently, though while it was almost dead, I found it was rather fun.  Hopefully I'll be able to catch some more action later on.

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Hello Redneck,


Theres several servers, eu1, 2 and 3. Sme of them are populated more as others but in general theres always somebody playing, most activity is when its afternoon and evening in europe. Hope to see you soon on the battlegrounds or teamspeak. Oh and eeh, have a great christmas ofcourse...

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6 hours ago, Gamerbug said:

Hello, welcome and I'd say streaming is your choice, there are no rules against it.

Alright, cool.  Might post some Highlights in the forums if I get anything good.



5 hours ago, Lucas Collision Lights said:

Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy your stay!


Kind Regards,



Thank you, I certainly hope so.

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