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Marksman I pick the AMS, just like everything about it (and hate the iron sights on the Kahlia)


Anything else I choose the ERCO, as the holosight has less obstruction than the RCO/ARCO.


Sniper obviously I go LRPS (unless it's dark in which cae I don't go sniper or I pick an ERCO)

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Also if you ever pick up ASP-1 KIR take DMS optic. It is the only one that can be ranged down to 100m which is very helpful with this special rifle. It will take you some time to get used to but then it is amazing on any rifle. Plus it has stadiametric rangefinder!


But every weapon sight in the game has it uses and while I do have my favourite (MRCO) I don't dislike any sight in the game. Every sight has it uses. Even NVS :P


@Gamerbug: Agree with AMS. It is most universal optic in the game. Very clear picture and great backup sights. No brainer for a marksman with DLC. Without DLC I would pick MOS or DMS depending on the AO and squad needs.


@Lucas Collision Lights:

The guide you linked contains some errors. 


- ACO and Mk17 Holo have same levels of magnification. You can "zoom in" on both of them. The only difference is that ACO "magnification" is not listed in mouse over tip in inventory.


- Actual magnifications of weapon sights are calculated from FOV in Arma. They are different from what is displayed on mouse over in inventory. Don't ask me why :)




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