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Wagwan one and all,


I'v always been interested in media; video production, graphic design and motion graphics to be more precise. This interest has led me to learn a thing or two about a couple of Adobe's graphical and motion software such a premiere pro, after effects, photoshop and audition. Another interest I have is playing video games, so, i thought i'd bring them both together. I have spent some time playing around in After effects and photoshop to come up with some cool looking intros with relation to Ahoy World for anyone who is apart of the community to use for their videos that they wish to publish. Now, by no means do i make any money out of what i do, i produce motion graphics etc purely for the fun of it, and i hope that you use these for the fun of it as well, but i have no problem if you have a monetized YouTube channel or what have you and you would like to use them, they are free for the taking (with credit to the Ahoy World community) for use online.


Anything made will be put in THIS FOLDER for you to download, or, if you wish to do so, you can simply use A WEBSITE LIKE THIS to download the videos straight off YouTube.


Here is some of the work that has been published so far. I have more to come, and if their is anything that you would like making, weather it is related to the community or not, feel free to drop me a message and ill look into maybe getting something sorted out ;). In the mean time, for those of you wishing to record your gameplay for the upload to YouTube for viewing by others, or for the use of evidence in relation to a matter on one of the server, i am in the process of making an easy tutorial to show you how to set up OBS, a free recording and broadcasting softwhere. This video will be released in the new year, once i'v recovered from the 29,000,000 turkey sandwiches that i will consume after chrimbo day.


Here a simple Intro for your videos:



And for you Spartans our there, here something for you:



And lastly, this video is an example of an opening sequence for a YouTube video, with a bit more of a professional feel to it than most other YouTube Videos out there:



For those of you who do not know, Ahoy World has its very own YouTube channel and twitch.tv channel that can be found HERE and HERE appropriately, Go hit it up with a little sub and follow, to keep up to date with the latest shenanigans and fails from our much loved administrative team.


If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact me on the website or on TeamSpeak. I hope you enjoy using these resources to enhance your viewers experience.


And remember, use your collision lights appropriately!

Kinds regards,

~Lucas Collision Lights

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