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THE Introduction


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I am Repeatz aka MrRepeatz,


I am 20 years or age and i am currently living in Naples Italy, a garbage country which only support old adsl connection.  The people here are quite flamboyant and wear scarfs all of the time.  Never use the airline Alitalia as the will lose you bags 11/10 times guaranteed   Aside from that I have many games i tend to switch between, exe: crysis, Bf3, Chivalry (i'm a master swordsman if i do say so myself), and ARMA. 


I am A+ qualified via Comptia so if you have questions hardware related feel free to ask, i am working on my net+ and security+ in the meantime.  As what i do on my free time  i like the good ol ale and scotch, so if i'm acting a little freely, you know why. It takes some time to set me off so getting angry is not an issue unless something ridiculous is repeatedly happening ( "did i ever tell you the definition of insane?" -Vass, farcry 3) my work scheduled changes monthly so my log on times will differ month to month.






An Introduction report by,



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Welcome welcome MrRepeatz :D

Thanks very much for the intro to ArmA 3 (and the game itself of course ^____^)


Hope to see you a lot on here and the teamspeak. 


Glad to see another IT Technician as well. I do basically the same job as you 

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Hey Raz,


Good to see you active on the forum too.


Anduuuh since we all seam to work in the IT branch: here +1 :)

However i have to work a lot with Windows, you can better put me on the Linux side of things.


PS: see yourself posted in the screenshot thread over in the ARMA sub-forum here.

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