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Ahoyworld Arma Streaming


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Just a quick post to poll - if there were no requirements'how many of you would be interested in streaming Ahoyworld EU#1 and EU#2 gameplay to the Ahoyworld Twitch regularily.

Please post down below;

- If and why you're positive about the above

- Your previous experience with streaming

- What you mainly do on EU#1 and EU#2


Thanks in advance for reading and possibly contributing,



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Been interested in streaming for a long time but never had the viewer base to keep me motivated. I mainly Zeus on EU1/2 (Mainly 1 since 2 is dead most of the time) and maybe the odd mortar/UAV op gameplay. I'd probably be available to stream 1 or 2 times a week depending when i have my days off work.

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To quote everyone else.


"Did it a few times, but no viewers so setting time aside to stream didn't make sense."


I did it more for an experiment to see if I could do it with my setup (I could), but have stuck with just recording my footage and hacking it apart for YT vids now an then.


Used to do a lot of medic, but have switched to other roles since I&A3. Autorifleman, AT and Marksman are faves at the moment.

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