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Born in UK 17th Sept 1974 (yes thats 38 years old). Joined the army at 16 as a Challenger (then Challenger 2) tank driver. Left and joined civvy life, now a facilities manager for a council on the south coast of England. Have a daughter who's 18 a wife who's a writer and 2 irish setter dawgs.  Heavily into gaming. I've an 8 year old Eve online character have played battlefield since its debut title and have regular arguments around the number of hours i put into gaming each week (there's only ever gonna be one winner there).


Also played the Arma franchise since it's debut title of Op Flashpoint etc and love the concept. consider myself to be an above average pilot and also enjoy armored and infantry involvement.  For me the emphasis is always on team play though


Looking forward to getting into it with you guys, seem to be a fairly laid back bunch of people with seemingly the same outlook as i do. Which works for me.  Also helps that you play Planetside 2 and battlefield 3 - might even get me into Minecraft.


Feel free to contact me if my input can be put to good use in any way. I'm always around and can always make time.


I work Monday to Friday  9-5(ish) occasionally weekends but apart from that i can otherwise be found.


Nick  (aka ShogDite or N@rCz)

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