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[BOpt.] [AT] Sign


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In-game name when banned: [BOpt.] [AT] Sign

What message displays when you attempt to connect? Advertising

Why do you think you were banned? The leader of the group have may been advertising for the clan.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? The real identity of my Account is named SignMaker - And i have been on your server for a while and i have always followed the rules by the admins. I would never advertise for a clan. I love your guys server, because of the relaxed and fun atmosphere, that you can almost do anything you want - if its either play tactical or lone wolf.

Which administrator banned you (if known): PERO

When were you banned: No clue - Have been on scout trip the whole weekend.

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One of your members was banned on Thursday for posting your squads Teamspeak IP in the chat, with a intention to recruit new members or just to lure our players to your TS.

A ban appeal was posted and I was told he was not the person in charge of recruiting in your "squad". The reason he posted the TS IP, was because he thought A3 VON is bad and wanted to have a clearer comms with players. To me, that is a BS explanation. We host our own TS, we post(ed) our TS address in many places, so players use that when playing on our servers.


On Saturday morning, I open my RCON and I see around 5 of your "members" playing on EU1. Guess what happens a couple of minutes later? One of them posts that IP again. I banned the person and looked into our server logs what have your members been up to. I`ve come up against heavy advertising, mostly for your TS server so I`ve made the call to remove your whole "squad" from our servers. They told people were asking for the address, but logs showed no such thing, so I assumed you were doing it via VON and then just posting the IP in the chat. That is why I decided to remove all of you.


You can`t play on our server anymore to prevent any further advertising of your servers. It is all thanks to COs of your "squad" for thinking its allright to do that. You joined our server, with that you accepted to follow our rules, but you broke the rules by advertising your service.


If it would have been a one time occasion, we might have lifted the ban a couple of weeks down the road. The logs revealed the full story and the extent of it. There will be no more room for you "squad" on our servers.


Ban appeal DENIED.



Community Referee

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I´m sad to hear, that i´m no longer allowed to play on your guys server. It has been an honor to play with you guys.

Im sorry that "My" squad (A squad that i have joined a week ago and left today, because of the incident) have brought this bad situation at hand.

If i may ask a last thing - just to appeal my case - If you could check of all the times i have been on you server. That i have never advertised once, becuase of the rules "Of no advertiseing"

If there is no room for the squad, what about room for just me? (With my normal tag "SignMaker")

Best Regards

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