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[EU#3] [GAMENIGHT]Operation Desert Storm Phase 1


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What: EU#3 Gamenight - Operation Desert Storm I

Data & Time: Friday 23./12/'16 @19:00 UTC Slotting up / 19:30 Mission Start

Where: EU#3

Requirements: EU#3 Mods

Optional mods: None




Hello all,


Coming Friday the 16th a mission made by Benjamin Levine and Ryko will be hosted on the EU#3 server



In Kuwait as the USMC Armored Company.


Slots & special equipment:

Player slots: US Marines Desert 42 slots + 2 Zeus.

Sledge 1 and 2
Hammer 1 and 2
Bear 1 and 2 
Tiger 1 and 2
Vortex 1 and 2



Sign up here:




The Iraqis have invaded Kuwait and taken control of vast reaches of land and important oil fields. They have also mobilized their extensive SCUD missile networks for attacks against the world wide coalition along with many armored divisions. Your mission is that of an US Marine Corps Armored Company that is tasked with engaging the Iraqis head on over large tracks of desert against almost insurmountable odds. The time for you mission is coming close but so is poor weather caused by the unpredictable deserts of Kuwait. Push back the advancing Iraqi forces to Baghdad and stabilize the region. Hoorah Marines!


Extra info:

Sledge, Hammer, and Bear must be filled along with Alpha and Bravo for the mission to take place. The more people we have the more realistic and enjoyable it will be for all. JIP and respawning will be allowed to keep the fight raging, but may be disabled if we have a large turnout.

Expected Mission Length: 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes



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Due to the fact that Valve/ Steam literally and figuratively shit themselves today making it impossible for most to come and timing we are moving this to this coming Wednesday (Or when ever we can get a good crowd) at the same time. I am sorry for all of the confusion about timing, but I think the wait will be worth it.


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I am reopening this with a new date along with sign up info which follows:


The new date will be Friday February 3 at 19:45 GMT


These are the people that are currently signed up.

Desert Storm Sign Ups.png

Please let me know if this new date doesn't work on the forums or by steam (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198160562576/)



Sing up: https://goo.gl/forms/Gl2y1sSJKdeKx88w2

I hope a lot can make it this Saturday for Invade Utes and for Desert Storm. A phase two will follow in Baghdad. 




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