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What is the Best Time for Gamenights? [#EU3 Poll]

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I love making missions for us to play on gamenights and I want to keep making more. They often offer a different view or type of fun game play for the community; however the thing that is the most limited is the player counts that turn out for them. Arma in my opinion is at its best as a combined arms setting, but to do this you need a many people as possible. To this end I want to know and I feel other mission makers would too, what is the best time for gamenights #EU3.  Just fill out the form below. Once the data has been collected I will make a response with the results. 






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Although I only received about 20 responses  the lines of best fit already were showing the best times for game nights.  


The majority of players of Enhanced are in the GMT (+1 or +2) time zones and unsurprisingly the people in these times zones prefer to have a game night that starts at about 7pm their local time. There is also the odd person like myself who plays from the US and has to work around these time constraints. To accommodate the people across most of these time zones the best time for a game night is about 6:30 to 6:45pm GMT. This isn't great for the US people but depending on the time of year either -5 or -4 and the day these times are still reasonable. 


The consensus on days was a bit more varied however. About 2/3 of the responses opted for a Saturday date which can usually get both the EU and US crowd. The other 1/3 unsurprisingly wanted Friday as their day of choice, but this day can be a problem for US people as we are still at school or work during the preferred hours. The interesting part was a demand (in the additional notes section) from a few people that wanted weekday game nights on either a Wednesday or a Tuesday. I think this is a nice idea and I have a small mission (the ideal type for a weekday) that will be going up soon, to meet this apparent demand. 


I hope that this information is helpful to the players and staff that plan events in the future. I'll also keep the link alive to the form if more people will like to contribute.




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