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AhoyWorld in TitanIM?


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Have you heard of this project? It's an ultra-realistic milsim that simulates the whole globe. It's planned on to release in an alpha-state in the end of this year! Are you interested in this project an have you planned on starting a server on this platform?

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I also learned about TitanIM today and did research about it.


1) It's a military simulation engine build for the military and governments (just like VBS)

2) At this moment there is no news about a consumer version (aka game)

3) To get access to the "alpha" you'll need to able to prove it's for military and/or government usage, and costs $35,000 (which includes training to use it)



All and all, it's far from usable for "us" and as far as I can see in the demo's, far from usable for gaming in any way.

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Looks good but like Grezvany says, I doubt it is for plebs like us.


They do say they will release details about an entertainment version soon but still, I reckon it will have a similar E3 style downgrade.


A game that promises that AMOUNT of detail, that scale, not only would it cost a lot and require a super computer but it's also more than any old game or gaming simulator, it is literally a training program. If anything it's not really going to be designed to be fun and have an engaging learning curve, it's just there to assist in gaining knowledge I reckon.


Over all the aspect of a game with that level of realism does tickle my loins though and would most likely have a great community like that found on games such as IL-2, serious realism folk. Sadly this becomes a bit more of a niche group found on ArmA 3 nowadays with the usual shenanigans, I think ArmA 4 will have information released next year anyway, with any hopes they will make ArmA a simulator again.


If a game such as that ever does come out though for the public it could be pretty interesting, but I doubt that scale.

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Hey come on guys, if the Chinese can build the worlds most powerful computer then why can't we. Then once we have spent an eye-watering amount of money on it we can spend $35,000 on a military simulator built with no entertainment purpose in mind :D


In all seriousness I looked into this myself as well and it just doesn't look fun in comparison to something like Squad or Arma. You can tell it was built for military training and not for us pleb masses who work the fields etc.

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