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The Return


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Hello, My name is Despite for those of you who dont know me, or are new to the community I was an old mod for EU3 which is AWE i believe I want to first state my return. While those of you who might be dreading my return I would like to say, About 1 year ago or so I was an active member of this community, I feel as even if it was 1 year ago I was a child.. which i still sound like one but thats not the point. I feel like I was a very immature moderator and I thought I had a lot more power then I did.  I feel as being 17 now and 1 year away from an adult I realized that I needed to grow a bit and be more mature which I feel I am now. Anyways on my behalf I will be returning.! 



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Welcome back!

Theres no one to blaim and what you've said happens to almost everybody of your age. Once you feel like youve past your childhood its normal to think you "rule the world" and think you know everything. Getting responsibility for the first time makes you do and feel strange things, I had it aswell when i was a trainee and got the key of the company. Being humble can be very hard but always try to remember you can always keep learning. Only the true master knows he's a student forever.




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