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Team Killing in EU1 Public Server


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Am posting it here because I strongly feel that all those hard effort being put in for developing the AW I & A is being taken for granted and can't be thoroughly appreciated by non member players.   

Check your FB group page on August 26th. I volunteered for Admin to help you with your pub server rampant TK problem but I got no reply.

recently after being TK-ed more than I could take it I  called for admin on TS but did not get any response. 

so i said that there is a better server out there where an admin is always available and your Admin on duty should try emulate that is at REDACTED servers 1 & 2 but got banned for advert.

i wouldn't speak of the other servers if the Admins are doing their job but got banned for pointing out how it could be better with the idea that ppl could learn a thing or two about playing and running the server when your Admins cant.

Seriously Admins. RUN THE SERVER. don't let the TK-ers run you!

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This is just me taking a wild guess but I believe admins have real lives too.  So it can happen that there is no admin online.  And if there is one online on TS he might be AFK for a minute or 2 to go, for example, to the toilet.  Should we forbid them to do this?  Chain them to the their computer perhaps?


I'll have to admit that it frustrates me too when someone is TKing and there is no admin but as I said admins have a real life, so I just record and file a player report on the forums.


By the way I don't think EU1 has a TK problem.  And if you wanted to become an admin there is a hiring subsection on this forum, with all the conditions you have to meat to become an admin.

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also keep in mind that admins are mostly available in the prime hours (number of admins) and will react either in minutes after being called in or will respond once available.

Remember,none of the "staff" people get payed for doing this job - so its rather harsh to expect a admin to be present 24/7/365 to your liking,especially in the early (Europe) to midday hours ... because people got jobs/studies/dutys to attend to.


Having said that,if you consider paying me 60€/hour i will quit my job immidiatly and will admin EU1 myself 24/7/365 ... this includes enforcement of rules,help,life coaching and giving huggs!


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