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reece millns


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In-game name when banned: reece millns

What message displays when you attempt to connect? "Who are you? Get out of my house!"

Why do you think you were banned? i was banned from ts and i don't know why i was banned i was banned from eu3 for a reason i will not discussions but i do not know why i was banned because the ts ban reason dose not explain much and formally i have no idea why i was banned i joined ts at 4 or 5 pm last night and i tryed joining at 18:50 on the 29/11/2016

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? i think it should be lifted because i was not given a reason i just tryed logging onto ts adn it said this You are banned temporarily. Reason: "Who are you? Get out of my house!"
Try again in 27a 142d 23:37:00 and i would completely understand if there was a formal reason but there was no foraml reason

Which administrator banned you (if known): not known

When were you banned: i have no idea due to the fact of it being a ts banned that i dont know when it happend

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pero i don't know what i said because i came on like said at  4 or 5 pm  and then i left and then i came back on the next day and i was banned. all i did was go to see  gamer and told him i was going to play with my friend and then i came on the next day and got banned and i don't know why i would say something "stupid" because i was allready banned from eu3 and i use the ahoy ts to speak to friends. if you could say what i said i will tell you if i said that because most the things that come out of my mouth are stupid so please may you tell me what i said. thank you 



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It seems that either you said something in the background and TS picked it up or you were mistaken for someone else, but some people on TS said that someone a naughty word and left the channel. They thought it was you, according from the TS system logs.


We can`t be sure, so we are lifting the ban. If it was you, do not let it happen again. If it wasn`t, don`t instantly change channel when saying something and then disconnect from the TS.


Ban is/will be lifted in next hour (depended on CS gods will).


Ban appeal SUCCESSFUL.



Community Referee

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