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[EU#3] GAMENIGHT - Operation Stronghold


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What: EU#3 Gamenight - Operation Stronghold

Data & Time: Saturday 17./12/'16 @18:00 UTC / 19:00 CET

Where: EU#3

Requirements: EU#3 Mods

Optional mods: None




Hello all,


Saturday the 17th of December leo will be hosting a mission on EU#3, the rough summary for it would be a Defend town vs. Zeus. Extensive description below..



Mission will be played on Chernarus as the CDF National Guard


Slots & special equipment:


CMD (4 slots) - Minimal 2

Alpha (14 slots) - Minimal full

Bravo (14 slots)

Charlie (14 slots)

Hammer & Torch (Total of 6 slots) ~ Using BRDM or T34 at mission start, but will recieve upgrades though the mission.

MAT 1 & 2 (Total of 6 slots)

FSG (7 slots) - Minimum 3

Logi (5 slots) - Needs filled

Zeus (4 slots) - Minimal 2 // Slots will be in a predefined ratio to actual players.


There will be a limited amount of supplies and not everyone will recieve a radio.


Squad / CMD runners are basically a multi-tool they can be used as infantry or to send orders to units that don't have a radio.


Sign up here: (Made by leo)




A briefing document will be published later this week, it contains:
- Limited location info

- Recent history
- Starting position

- Info on how to use signal smoke and signal flares
- Basic radio setup


Extra info:

There will be a 5 minute respawn during which spectator mode is enabled.

Short briefing pre-gamenight for CMD/Zeus (and SLs/TLs, which want to join), this will be explained further soon.

In-Game briefing for regular infantry.

Mission time set to two and a half hours max; so it doesn't drag on forever.
(This mission is entirely dependent on Zeus)

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Hmmm this mission sounds a lot like what EU3 should be but sadly isn't 95% of the time, I might consider.


Sent from my iPhone using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.

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