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ARMA3 Mechanics: Ammo Types, part II - Explosives (preview)

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Top explosive forces of ARMA

4. GBU12/Mk82 bombs - these are the most powerful direct hit weapons (hit level 5000). Plus they have a splash radius (kills all unprotected live force) of 45m.

3. 155mm artillery shell - no hiding from the enormous splash of 120m and a kill zone (w/plate vests) of 84m.

2. "Grad" (122mm rockets) - each of these 40 totally ruthless katushas will splash to 100m and wipe out soldiers up to 80m. (RHS only)

1. MLRS (230mm rockets) - this packs a salvo of 12 deadly rockets with a splash radius of 120m and a kill zone of 106m.


Special mention - Claymore mine. Compared to the heavyweight weapons, this little thing fits in a small backpack, but once exploded, it evaporates troops 50m away and its kill arch reaches 100m. so pls do note the "front toward enemy" label...


As a reference, the 82mm mortar round has a splash of 64m and kill zone of 32m.


more data to come...

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Explosives in Arma 3 are really only of any use with the implementation of ACE seeing as Arma 3's vanilla ballistics are shit.


Good ol' RHS M67's with ACE shrapnel is just... end.


I fucking love the Claymore's too, great if you're doing MOUT or wanna protect an open field, these things are just deadly, even without ACE and me and Pancake once used them on Zargabad in the hills and killed Taliban outwards of 200-300m due to the gradient. They are fun as fuck, shame that mine's are never of much use on the Enhanced server though due to the niche mission designs. 

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13 hours ago, Ryko said:


More than open to suggestions.

Are you able to set up a mission were we have to defend a asset that will be attacked within 20 minutes. After those 20 minutes end there will be multiple vehicles(1-2 mbts, some ifvs, 2 gazs, maybe some helicopters) and a good amount of soldiers. attack will last for around 20- 30 minutes and the enemie will come in waves.

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