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Wither Challenge Minecraft


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Right, through twitter I have found the map "The Wither Challenge!" and yes, I know Yogscast are doing it but I was thinking...


Would two people like to have a go of it with me? I havent watched the video of it yet so have no idea what its like.

The gameplay would be recorded for fun and it looks like a great experience from the forum page.



So, any takers?



(Bare in mind that you will need to download the 1.5 pre release for it to work to its best capacity as the server I am running it on is 1.5 pre release :D)

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if you can find the .jar files for it then i'm game :)



There's a link to the downloads from jeb if that helps :D

Ill be putting the server on in a little while when i get back from doing what im doing

Actually, might have to use an older snapshot, the week before because the server for 1.5 pre doesnt wanna let me connect to it no matter what I do. 




There is the jar for the one before.

Right, this is a bugger. 

I can't seem to connect to any of the pre-release servers that I have created. But when I start them up I am still able to connect to my other 1.4.7 servers.

I don't have a clue why...

Edit: Got it all sorted it now. I'll PM you the IP for whenever you're ready.

Going into another room of the teamspeak would be a good idea too if you wanna voice chat while I record :D

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Ace I'll be on sometime this evening see if you can't one other person such as fergi or jack to join us in this and we can do a recording of each perspective. 

:) This will be good. Just I have a lot of decorating to do today and such so I won't be on until sometime this evening. 

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