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[Eu#3][Gamenight] Operation Arctic Wind


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Title: Operation Arctic Wind

Date & Time: Friday the 25th November UTC 19:45

Server: Eu#3

Requirements: Eu#3 Mods

Optional Mods: None



Hello everyone,


I will be hosting a mission on EU#3, on Friday the 25th November, we will begin slotting at UTC 19:45 and game-play will begin at UTC 20:00. If your late I cannot promise a slot.


Mission Summary:

A UK Army Platoon has been deployed to the mountains of Abramia. At a Military base in the mountains there is an Insurgent Weapon Development Station along with a Weapons Scientist being held against his will. Along with a Insurgent Commander. The Platoons objective is to Capture or Kill the Commander and Rescue the Scientist.


Friendly assets include:
3 x 12 Man Assault Squads

6 x Jackal HMG

3 x Coyote HMG

1 x Unarmed Land Rover (Platoon Commanders Vehicle)



Slots & Sign-up:


Mission consists of 38 playable slots, slotting/sign up will occur on the day so no need to inform me upon your role requests as I will not be reserving spaces.

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