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Reporting bugs in a forum is easy (post a new thread, post in a ongoing thread = done) but for tracking purposes, not that easy, even for the one reporting the problem.

Finding out if someone else as already reported the problem that you just found is even worst.


So...has ever been discussed the possibility of introducing a bug tracker? there are several open source solutions that just need a few tweaking (enable/disable features) and are ready to integrate and are easy to manage.


in a quick google search I got this: https://opensource.com/business/16/2/top-issue-support-and-bug-tracking-tools 

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I've actually lobbied for a reduction in multiple places to report bugs in favour of using just the forums.  I like the idea that there's just one place.  It's not the end of the world if a bug is reported multiple times, and there is also the search function in the forums.  An additional system won't prevent people from posting redundant bug reports, and it's a pain to have to look in multiple sources (people will still post bugs here).

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