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EU 2: Time To Introduce HALO Jump (?)



Hi guys,


I have been observing EU 2's player count and it has been kinda worrying. It seems that nobody (including myself who cannot fly) wants to be the first guy to join the server as pilot. Since our base is on one of the smaller islands, why not we introduce HALO jump script through a flagpole so that people can do insertions anywhere on the map?




  • No need for pilot
  • Might reignite interest of former players of Tanoa
  • Since stamina is still in place, pilots can still do rounds of evacuation and resupplies



  • Travelling with a chopper will be considered obsolete
  • It is not realistic and does not make any sense


We have to do something to make EU 2 full again... If FOBs are in place on the main island, then we can scrap this idea.



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Not a bad idea, used to have that as an option a while ago and was fun, though it only became active once the radio tower was down.


I think it's easier to try and get some pilots; maybe ensure they are cut some slack if they are new to it but willing to "have a go". I know that EU1 is very scathing of newbie pilots (often rightly so), I don't know if the same is true of EU2?


I'm probably an average pilot, I can get from A to B without using auto hover and how to use the terrain as my friend for an approach, but I'd never take a pilot slot on the server for the above reason.

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