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[Eu#3][Gamenight] Operation Blue Falcon


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Title: Operation Blue Falcon

Date & Time: Sunday the 20th November UTC 16:00

Server: Eu#3

Requirements: Eu#3 Mods (NOTE: Some roles will require DLC)

Optional Mods: None


Hello everyone,


I will be hosting a mission on EU#3, on Sunday the 20th at 16:00 UTC. Slotting will begin at 15:45, then the mission will load in at 16:00 if your late I cannot promise you a slot!


Mission Summary:

A USMC Platoon has been deployed to Isle of Duala, their mission is to assist a newly opened UN Embassy attempting to undergo Peacekeeping Operations within the area. These have failed, due to legislation between the UN and US, a USMC platoon has been deployed to extract them from the area.


Friendly assets include:
2 x 12 Man Assault Squads

4 x HMMWV M2s

2 x HMMWV Unarmed



Slots & Sign-up:


Mission consists of 28 playable slots, slotting/sign up will occur on the day so no need to inform me upon your role requests.


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It should be completely possible to use DLC equipment WITHOUT the DLC, you will just keep getting pop-up messages every now and again telling you to buy, they fade away after about 20 seconds then you can go again for like another 10 mins before another pop-up. I used to use marksman DLC equipment all the time before I bought the DLC, no issues whatsoever unless it has been changed recently, which I doubt.

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8 hours ago, Minipily said:

WITHOUT the DLC, you will just keep getting pop-up messages

yes, it works like this. but you can only get this stuff from the arsenal. trying to pick up these items from the ground is not possible. also "executive" slots on vehicles (pilot/driver/gunner) are unavailable.

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