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Need some ideas advice


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So, like most people, I have a YouTube. I haven't been motivated to do it lately due to reasons and I need something to get me back into it.
I need ideas for something to play that people will actually watch. As well as some advice on what I can change about my channel: commentary, graphics etc...

Any ideas? Anything will help. :D


Edit: Should really have added a link to the channel xD here it is: Proxima

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Indie multiplayer games are always a blast and there a few people around here that would enjoy doing some collaborative work, are you in to any games in particular? 

It seems your into a lot of classic game boy era style games, perhaps do some more of the popular ones from around that time as well? I know there is still a relativity large crowd for anything retro. 

Other than that everything else on your channel seems pretty up together and sweet :) 

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Thanks for the reply. I'll play anything as long as I can afford the game. Anything anyone wants to collaborate on I'll be more than happy to ^^

and yeah id love to do more games from that era, any suggestions?

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You should invite people to make comments and contribute to your videos, people will watch and subscribe if you pretend to care and respond to lots of comments (obv ignore trolls) in terms of what you can play, try out multiplayer F2P games, do it in a group of about 4 people and make sure no one plays the game until the first recording session, then let havoc ensue, some crafty editing to fit all the best bits into a tidy 10-15 minute video showing people the game in a light hearted manner.


Let me explain my logic here:


  • Free to play games are a good choice for a few reasons, they don't cost anything to play, they tend to be under rated and quite often not given the publicity they deserve (Rise of Flight is a prime example), lots of them are quirky and often funny, lots of them are terrible, terrible is funny especially when there are 4 people despairing at the sheer awfulness before them.
  • If none of you play the game until you start recording you'll get genuine responses to features, glitches and generally stupid shit. The reason things like Yogscast are good is because they can capture spontaneous emotion, like when you see a glitch that in hind sight isn't that funny, but you burst out laughing through the pure surprise of it happening, if you capture that the first time, you've got entertainment, if you came back later and staged it, you'd have less impact.
  • Cut up the video and glue the best bits together seamlessly, you'll probably have lots of poor quality shite in between funny bits, minimise this.
  • You want to keep the video time lower than 15mins, people have a short attention span and tend to just be browsing YouTube for short fun videos, the longer the video the more brilliant the content needs to be for people to watch it from cover to cover.


Just going to say I'm no expert, these are things I think would work and not being a huge YouTube personality I couldn't honestly say they would definitely get you more views etc. However it might help you come up with some ideas.

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@Fergie: I would love to play all sorts of F2P games. I have loads that I havent tried yet and would make great videos. The problem is that I don't have any people to do stuff with. I don't have many friends and the ones I do have don't spend much time gaming.

If i had some people to play them with and record with then that would be great.


I try to not play games before I record them anyways, I just find it to be more fun playing games I have never even tried before other than playing games I know a bit about.



If any of you guys would like to try out a couple of F2P games and we can record them and put them on my channel, yours, or both then that would be great.


And as for the group of 4 friends, I have 1 friend and my Girlfriend and she doesnt play those sort of games xD

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