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[General Gaming] Asseto Corsa Winter League


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Hello everyone,


I'm guessing it's that time of the year again, where Christmas songs are slowly being played on the radio again, Christmas baubles are being fished out from the attic and the smell of smoking tyres asphalt on is so overwhelming that even Santa would rater come in through the chimney.


That's right; it's time for smoking tyres again and by that I mean; let's race!


As you may or may not have noticed Josh put up a post regarding an Asseto Corsa Winter League earlier today, from what I heard last year it was a lot of fun. As long as you stay on the racing line, that is :P


If you want to check it out, I'll link the post down below and if you don't want to don't start complaining you missed out on all the fun in a couple of weeks!



As it also states in the thread, for any questions contact Josh or Oderus.


Good luck on the track and may the best win,



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