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Making an official Gripe


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Hi everybody,

I don't post here much and should try harder, I love Arma and you people are great!


I want to have an official grumble.  EU2.  It's usually empty.  It's usually dark and it's usually foggy.

This is a massive shame as its a great map.  

Dark AND foggy really is rubbish most of the time anyway on any map, when you can't see the enemy until you are 200 meters away from them and they can see you at 400 meters that is not realistic or anything, its just rubbish.


So many times I have needed to get out my thermals just to see the enemy 200 meters away then go back to my weapon and shoot at the fog hoping I might hit something....Terrible.


The Tanoa map is totally different from Altis and makes I&A much harder which I really like. 


I&A on Altis is often a spectator sport as 60 player steam-roller the AI .  So if you get to the AO late the AO's are pretty much empty.  Tanoa requires co-ordinated squad play and skilled players to succeed.  Using armor is  pretty much useless, so are long range sights and rifles, and guided AT.  That's all good with me.


The big problem is the fog and the dark, it just makes I&A on Tanoa way too hard which I think really puts people off from going on it.


At the heart of my gripe is the fact that there is never any admins on it that can make it un-dark and un-foggy. 


I think the server should be checked regularly for fog and de-fogged. I would also like to see it re-booted every day to make sure that at lets say 7:00 pm UK time its early morning game time.  So that for real life gaming prime time in the UK and Europe it stays light until the wee-small hours of the morning when most people are tucked-up in bed.


Hopefully that will bring people back to Tanoa.  At them moment its a total waste of this great new map and also EU2.



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Since I've become Spartan, I often try and get on the server to check for weather and time of day. I can't recall how many times I've changed it to clear / early morning. As Zissou said in the othter thread, however, it is somehow automatic, either by Tanoa configuration (which seems to be the case, since AW is not the only community where users complain about this problem) or a "core" server setting. As a result, a Spartan could remove the fog entirely, only to see it come back about 15 - 30 minutes later.


Soziop4th (I think) recently tested something related to the Tanoa weather and fog, but no idea what the results were...

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