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Assetto corsa winter league, who'd be interested?


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Oderus and myself were thinking of running a wee GT3 league for maybe 4-6 weeks through the winter. 


Races would most most likely be on Sundays at the usual time of 18:00-19:00


Were currently just looking to see who would be interested?


Potential car list: 

Z4 GT3
12C GT3
C7r GTE? (Dp1)
Nismo GT3(dp1)
R8 lms(dp2)
Hurcan gt3 (dp2)
650 (dp3)
AMG GT3 (dp3)
488 GT3(redpack)


dp= dreampack. 


It it looks like for us to do this everyone may need the dream packs. Red pack won't be essential as it only adds one car however it would be very nice if everyone had it.


please reply below if you'd be interested and what DLCs you have. 


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Just now, PiranhA said:

I dont have the game and im a bit interested, theres only one thing i dont really understand. Why play this game while the majority of the potential ahoyworld-racers got Project Cars already?

Bit of change I guess, a lot of us are driving Assetto at the moment. Most people run both racing sims :)

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1 hour ago, Copey said:

Interested, however my driving is gonna be worse than.. the racing line.. so don't expect much ^_^

That's no problem! It's all about having some fun! Get some practice in with us when you've time and you'll be fine! 2 weeks plenty time for practice :D

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