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EU1: Where are the revive-ables?

Chavez Menendez


Although there is a lot to commend in the I&A 3 mission I am finding the implementation of injuries a little poor. Quite often I have played as a medic and had lots of fun throwing smokes, dragging wounded to cover and reviving the fallen. It makes for an interesting class to play as your main purpose is to keep yourself alive so you can revive others. In squads the medic was essential to keeping the squad together as a mission progressed as there was no way for respawned soldiers to get back to their group in any reasonable time frame. Medics were all about revives and they made the game a bit more fun for their squad mates as well as having an interesting game to play for themselves (which did not involve shooting lots of enemies!).

However, the I&A 3 mission has introduced fatal (ie. non-reviveable) injuries. In fact, playing as medic for several hours provided me with only one revive! This has turned the medic from a high vaue team player to, well, just another rifleman. I think the value of the medic role has been reduced to nothing by these changes, as long as your squadmates carry a couple of FAKs and regularly take more from fallen soldiers, there seems to be no point in having a medic.

Is this alterable and would you change it? Fewer outright deaths might work (if possible) or just return to the old 'everyone can be revived' situation as this would return the medic his purpose.



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Having only played a handful of times on I&A3, I've not experienced this. But if this is the case, I agree my fave class just got made fairly redundant. 


Like you I don't play for the kills, and if I do I choose another class, being a medic is 70% about the revives, staying alive to revive assessing the situation before the revive etc. The other 30% is engaging the enemy and healing wounded soldiers. 

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