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Hello EpiCcXxNero2,


- Apply for the Squad XML here if you havent already:

- If you are already on the XML make sure to have it correctly formatted in your Arma 3 Profile (right top corner of your main menu screen)


Keep in mind that our public servers EU#1 and EU#2 currently have an unknown problem where no SquadXMLs will show up.

EDIT: Also moved the post to a somewhat more appropriate section.

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Ive seen several people a few hours ago (yesterday) and in the more distant past people having AW-tags behind their names. After asking they were non-ahoy members, had no account on this forum and never seen them before. Made a screenshot from one guy (named fredrick), he got warned (and kicked) by @Chuck Norris and played stupid the first time. Saw him later on without the tags.

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