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11 hours ago, BBFSGaming said:

Bit of action from last night still got sticking keys and i still suck lol!! and its my first stream in weeks too so out of practice.




i liked the intros and the "BE RIGHT BACK" xD


wouldve been nice if you could capture the voices ( i dont know how to)

also you had some problems with the green screen but you managed to fix it ^_^


anything else was flawless, GOOD JOB!!!

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Omg it shows its been a while there is no game sound or Teamspeak .   what the hell happened i have no idea lol.  Well i think it could of been due to the fact it was set up for recording so audio was on separate tracks which doesn't work for livestreaming  will do some more testing.


*edit:-    Now i think its fixed the problem was i had setup my audio on 3 different channels Mic was 1 dis/TS was 2 and Gamesounds was 3 and 4 was a full mix i.e. for Livestreaming and the problem was i hadnt changed my livestreaming settings from track 1 to track 4 so it was only streaming my mic no wonder people werent hanging around.  whished my friend would of said somthing though lol she was wat=ching most of it! GG next Stream should be fine!

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