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AWE media distribution

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After a discussion amogst the AWE moderator team in regards of recruiting more players to the server, we have decided on a method that will allow the players to give us the material that we can use in an attempt to be more active on the social channels such as Reddit, Youtube, Armaholic etc..


To do this we have created a way that you can submit your videos to us so that we can review them and use them to aid in the advertising of the server.



The process that we are going to use to gather footage is:


1. Player captures footage and post it on  youtube channel or other video hosting website, preferably somewhat edited to shorten down idletime.


2. Player then fills out this form: https://goo.gl/UiVR9V


3. Moderators can then easily locate the footage and review the content and decide if we can use it and also download and edit it.


If you would like to share your footage but not submit to be used within the advertising of the server you can post within this topic, only videos added to the form by the original creator will be considered by the administrative staff.


Please be aware of a few things:

  • Ahoyworld reserves the right to edit, distribute and use any information that is submitted to us trough the form in any way we feel is acceptable.
  • We may request the raw footage so that we can edit it into a video with other content that has been uploaded to us.





Example video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjWWC0Yy1o0


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Couple recordings I have from a week or two ago. 

Side Bar:

1. I know that they are in 3440x1440 so enjoy if you have an ultra wide

2. I didn't realize just how annoying I sound until now, but deal with it

3. They are raw (I don't have the will or time to edit them)

4. The screen shot glitch happens with Ge-Force, sorry

5. Yes I use 3rd person

6. Enjoy!




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