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28./10/'16 Valiant 'Dev Build 1.0' Test


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What: Valiant Test

When: Friday 28. October '16

Exact Time: 20:00 GMT/UTC

Date and time link below for poor mathematicians

Where: EU#3

Requirements: EU#3 modset

Hello everyone,


Most of you that were attending the EU#3 meeting last Friday would know that more information for Valiant would be announced this week.

As you can see on the following thread @kennychr has nearly brought Valiant so far that he can release the first build and it also explains why it's taken so long and what he's trying to archive with this (hopefully) last test.


The test will take place coming Friday the 28th of October at 20:00 GMT / UTC, I would like to remind everyone that due to it being a testing session general bitching and moaning won't be tolerated and over excessive bitching and moaning will result in reprisals.




I hope a lot of you can attend.


With regards,


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Very much appreciated the rifle engagements. Felt like the enemy groups were moving and shooting in special ways, which prolonged the engagements and encourages appropriate reactions in the players much more, than just static parameters like fire effectiveness. 10/10

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