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THQ - What Happens now?


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Bringing you up to Speed

In November 2012 Toy Head Quarters (THQ) filed for bankruptcy.  Initially THQ wanted to sell the entire company, its 4 Studios and their respective intellectual properties (IPs). unfortunately for THQ they were unable to do this and so have had to sell off their individual IPs and Studios to different companies.  Below I will talk about the "who got what" and what that means for the IPs.



Relic Entertainment


Since THQ buying Relic Entertainment in 2004, they have produced several excellent games for THQ Almost all of which I have played far longer than someone should most famous for the "Company of Heroes" and "Warhammer 40K" franchises Relic really is a legend when it comes to strategy games.


Relic and their IPs have been sold to Sega.  Sega also owns "Creative Assembly" makers of the "Total War Series", truly a 'great power' in the world of Strategy gaming.  I feel that Sega will help relic continue its successes with previous Company of Heroes games as the released there newest game in the franchise "Company of Heroes 2", currently scheduled for March 2013 though due to the current state that things are in this may be delayed.


Kaos and Homefront


Kaos is best known for making "Homefront" a game in which you take on the role of a US resistance fighter against the North Korean Occupation of the USA.  This game had a lot of THQ marketing muscle put behind it.  The game at Launch got mixed reviews, in my opinion it is fun and is an interesting setting, however the campaign is a rather short and does leave you still wanting more.


Sales of this game weren't as good as expected and this game has been partially blamed for the financial trouble THQ is facing.


There is currently a squeal to the game "Homefront 2" being created by First Person Shooter veterans Crytek who brought us games like "Far Cry" and  the "Crysis Series".  Which will hopefully bring us some amazing graphics (if they use the CryEngine) and hopefully the experience from past games will make "Homefront 2" a far more rewarding experience than the first instalment.

Saints Row, Metro Franchise and Voalition.inc 


"Koch Media group" publish games under the label "Deep Silver".  From THQ they have acquired the "Saints Row" and it's studio "Volition Inc." and the "Metro Franchise".  "Saints Row: The Third" was a great instalment to the franchise and with the 4th instalment just coming out of pre-development I am sure the fourth game isn't too many years away.  "Metro: Last Light" is the up-coming sequel a gem of a game "Metro 2033", very simple on the surface, but with fantastic game play and mechanics  you can remain extremely stealthy if you keep your noise and most importantly your self in the dark and the fan boy in me really just wants to say "buy this game is super, awesome, happy fun times go and buy it!"  You will not be disappointed  also worth noting metro 2033 has great graphics and is often used for benchmarking, I hope this trend continues into "Metro: Last Light".


Thanks for the Read, I will try to make more of these sorts of News Reports as we go on.

Which of the above games is your favourite?  Is there any game you think I missed? or if you just want to give some much wanted feedback!? Please let me know below!

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