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[GAMENIGHT] Operation Whiskey Delta

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Operation Whiskey Delta


Time: 1800 GMT (1900 UK LOCAL)

Date: Saturday 29th of October 2016


Cover to your local time zone here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=AWE+Operation+Whiskey+Delta&iso=20161029T18&p1=1440

Correct Mission Version for Server: 1.10

Join Session in Progress is allowed, with the same rules as for unfair deaths (see below in important notes).


First off this is my first gamenight, and while every effort has been made to ensure no bugs  affect your experience, there may still be some present. My apologies ahead of time if this is the case.


So, the details. This is a ZEUS gamenight. This will probably be streamed, and if not, definitely recorded.


Map: Gorgona

Base: Main Base on the Island

Mission: A mission to recover Intel and render assistance to a local asset. This is all the information available at this time. The ASL or PLTCO will have ahead knowledge of the goings on of the operation, and they can disseminate information as they see fit. Be aware, this will not be an easy op, but I will not try to make you fail, expect a good fight. Be advised there is a road out due to a rockfall, shown on map by a red exclamation mark. This road is impassable and should not be used.

Time: Evening, not yet night.

Restrictions: No AT LAUNCHERS (You won’t be needing them). HAT, MAT, LOGI, TORCH, HAMMER and VORTEX 2 slots have been removed. In addition to this the COMMAND group consists of PLTCO and 2 Medics Only.  Normal gauntlet rules apply throughout.

Important Notes: Ace Medical Basic. Medics are the only ones able to administer Epi and Blood. If you aren’t familiar with basic please look here: ACE Wiki

Players should also be aware that there is a 1 life policy, ie. you die, you're done. HOWEVER, I have made it quite hard for you to die outright. There are no insta-deaths. Once in the down but not out stage, you have 150 seconds to be revived by a medic. You can be revived 2 times. After this you will die, and be able to spectate the mission, this is something you might want to do, instead of just disconnecting (HINT HINT). If you are killed unfairly (bad frag, or disconnect due to error etc.) you can respawn at a debug island. Ping Zeus to be re-inserted via a teleport. DO NOT SPAM ZEUS. Anybody trying to circumnavigate this process will be dealt with in a fashion...lightning bolts.


As there is only 1 vortex team slot,, there can only be one vortex bird, this will be the Littlebird Medium CAS variant. All troop movement will be done through Humvees, 4 door, open types. However others may be made available. This is designed to be a fun, infantry based mission, so don’t come packing loads of mags and ammo, 6-7 should suffice for the standard rifleman. This said, you may wish to have an ammo  bearer for normal mags within a team (perhaps whoever would normally bring AT). Due to the islands size (it is very small) there may be portions of the mission where you actually have to walk around, this will not be more than a click, so no moaning about a little legwork! While the armoured slots have been removed, the vehicles will remain spawned in. They are there to look pretty and give you an idea what the base may look like when we put Gauntlet onto this map (or something requiring a base).


The arsenal used in this gamenight will be exactly the same as guantlet's.


ALL PLAYERS should be aware that the default loadouts are for ACE advanced. This is especially apparent for medics who will need to get blood instead of plasma (which is what  you are given by default). Basic bandages also suffice for all wounds, instead of the various types used in Ace Advanced.


And no, this won’t end with a nuke (Skull). Sigh.


Requesting a slot: Sign Up Here!: Google Form


I will try to post a roster ahead of mission start below, PLTCO and SLs will be aware ahead of time that they have this slot, as they will require a briefing from me. People who apply for this role will be screened, and I will only give it to someone who I feel is appropriate and can handle the workload. Per say, I would not recommend applying for PLTCO if it would be your first time in the role.



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Charlie has not been listed below, however may be used in game depending on player requirements. These slots are assigned as preferential slots only. This means you are guaranteed this slot in the gamenight if you are on time, or have given prior notice to possibly being late. If you do not want the slot you have been assigned, then when we are going through the slotting up process, you can say so, and will be able to join slots when everyone else who has signed up is in. Those who sign up today, but have not been placed below, will be given preferential choice at remaining slots before non-sign ups are.

PLTCO SkullCollector   A SL Vlk   B SL Mouldy (POSSIBLY)
PLTCO Medic Danny   A Medic Bartlett   B M  
PLTCO Medic Snogers Kowalski            
      A1 TL Duffyman   B1 TL Undea
Vortex 1 Mouldy   A1 AR Chuck   B1 AR Gincat
Vortex 1 Co     A1 AR assistant Michal   B1 AR assistant Sam
      A1 Rifleman radek   B1 Rifleman Mascant
MMG1 SL Shadow Knight   A1 Marksman Auntystatic   B1 Marksman  
MMG1 Spec Scarface            
MMG1 Ass. Axel   A2 TL Ryko   B2 TL Dreams
      A2 AR H2K   B2 AR Zak
MMG2 SL Arkod   A2 AR assistant Tutvys   B2 AR assistant Nicolai
MMG2 Spec     A2 Rigleman Ren   B2 Rigleman RAZOR6014
MMG2 Ass. Kirk76   A2 Engi Kingfisher   B2 Engi LEO

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