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Hello indeed!


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Hello everyone!


So, i have been around for a few weeks so its about time i write the introduction!


My name is Kjetil, from Norway, 31 years old, married and have 2 children.

Currently in my last stretch of paternity leave, but i work as a PF for a concrete company.. :)


Only clocked about 110 hrs in Arma3, 30 of those are here on Ahoy! :D 



Edit: i go by Undea in Arma and on TS... :P

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Hello Kjeltring,


I hope youve had fun here so far, but i think its a yes, otherwise you wouldnt sign in with us. Good to see someone mature signed in here again, its a nice group.

Make sure you know the rules (its here on the forum) and take a look around for info about eu3, you might like it. Also, invade and annex 3 is coming soon, so join the hype.


All the best,


Piranha also known as PiranhA



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