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Minecraft be Crazy


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In the 2 years or so that Minecraft has been around the things you can do in the came have been getting crazier and crazier.  There is soon to be an update to red stone that will add even more functionality to this already extensive part of the game.  Below is a video from the Voxel box a very special group of redstoners if this is what they do now what will they be able to do with even more tools!

Watch the



Also remember the


Thats now so yesterday in the MC community people can do this very easily and have even expanded on this concept and made even bigger CPUs.  memory banks... more insanity!

Discuss! :P
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They're doing all this weird stuff with red-stone and the most I can do is a perpetually moving piston pump xD


I wish I knew as much about redstone as these guys. I mean I know so much about tekkit and Feed the Beast but i still don't know basic redstone.

I'll probably learn one day

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Make a dungeon / gauntlet. As soon as you start making those you'll think of things to slot in that require redstone. Kinda forces you to learn. :P

That is exactly the way to do it, learn by doing if you want to start small try getting double doors to open at the same time, with red stone I found that hard at first.  I dont really have to think about it that much now.  So go and just give stuff ago!

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