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Mads Anderson


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In-game name when banned: Mads Anderson

What message displays when you attempt to connect? "Berend, Mads Anderson - Zis - Racism"

Why do you think you were banned? Someone mistaked me for saying the N word, when i didn't. They dropped it, i logged off, and went to get some food. When i came back i was banned from both the Arma 3 servers and the teamspeak server.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? We talked it through and we concluded that it obviously wasn't me saying the N word, as multiple people were talking at the same time, and i was testing my mic saying "Hi guys" on both TS and Arma, as the same key was bound to both TS and A3. Even though some admins have said they had proof, i haver never seen any of this proof.

I like to play on the servers, and i hate to continuesly being reminded of this incident every time i join the server and see the ban message.

Which administrator banned you (if known): Believe the name is Zis, but not sure (As stated in the ban message)

When were you banned: 24-09-16 - Estimated aroundd 20:30-20:35 (I wasn't at my computer when it happened)

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We are gathering the evidence, we need to make it secure for a public post, it contains info from other players, etc. Admin on the case is preparing it.


No, we are not falsifying, it needs to have a edit. If any doubts will occur, we are keeping the original one as well.

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That's not even how i sound mate, could it be that someone else was talking whilst i was aswell? I'm not sure, but does the chat not limit the ammount of people shown who speak at once?

If i have said it, i don't remember it, and that voice right there surely ain't mine. All i really want is to get unbanned and play on your servers again, had a bunch of great hours on there. 

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Well, at first you were denying, saying no way it was you. Now, the evidence was shown and you changed your mind and said you must have said it then.


I don`t like people lying, I`ve told you in the original ban appeal that we have a recording of the incident, yet you decided to stick with the original story. If you would have told us in the second appeal, that you might have said it or have said it, I would have given you another chance ina a couple of months down the road. Now, I won`t.


That one racist word is not as innocent as most think, using that one word is enough for players/users not being welcome in Ahoy World. Racism has no place here.


Ban appeal DENIED.



Community Referee

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