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In-game name when banned: snakez

What message displays when you attempt to connect? snakez/Dingo/Racism

Why do you think you were banned? Racism

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? Well as i said in the last ban appeal, i did not have a target and i've changed alot, it's been 6 months and after that ban i lost interest in arma 3. Two weeks ago i think i started playing arma 3 because i didn't have any other games to play(i play other games but on that day i wanted to play something else). I played on different servers, some are not my type and some other are too serious for me. When i saw the ahoy world server i hated myself because im missing out the fun in this community. Then i saw that Dingo said that it may get reviewed in the future. I really never believed that it would be reviewed so i made this second appeal to get a second chance. I know that racism is unacceptable in this community and i never thought that i would get a perm ban because of it. If i was actually racist then i wouldn't do this second appeal. But i know in my heart that i am really against racism. What i said wasn't even against someone i just typed it in chat(n**** plz). I accept your decision if my ban appeal gets denied. I just wanna play Invade and Annex, AhoyWorld style.

Which administrator banned you (if known): Dingo

When were you banned: May 21th

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