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Is your PC running a little hot?


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With a little DIY you can have a fully fledged wind tunnel!! :)



Cute video.


My 1st home-built PC I quickly realized my Intel i7-920 cpu's cooling fan was inadequate.  All I did was get a CoolerMaster V8 massive heatsink with a fan inside and nicely brought the temps down.


My second PC was a liquid cooled Alienware, 2nd generation i7 cpu.  No problems at all even running a 4GB Asus GTX680 at about 80% load.  I modded the Alienware myself purchasing the graphics card from NewEgg.


Ammonia is the "old-days" refridgerrant used in industrial applications, actually it still is.  Got a leak?  I bet you will smell it very quickly (LOL!).


I ran NC tape reader lathes in the 1970s.  It was necessary to have them in an air conditioned room or they would overheat and shutdown, back in the stone age of pre-CNC machining.

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So doing this with some cheap hardware haha!!


Awesome!  I want it so bad, would be even better to have a divider in the tank so you can have fish swimming around in a separate portion to the oil cooled bit.

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you can always use 


Phase-change cooling


and keep your overclocked CPU around MINUS 150 Celsius  :P


There are a few cases now that use crazy heat pumps four around 1100 euro's that will run around -30/40 degrees Celsius.


They just seems a bit impractical for my liking :P

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