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[GAMENIGHT] Operation Exit Plan | 22-10-'16


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Hello there AhoyWorld,


Benjamin Levine will be hosting a mission on our Enhanced server:


When: Saturday October 22, 19:30 GMT or 15:30 EDT

Mods: EU#3 standard mods

Player Count: 38 Russians

Loadouts: Limited arsenal

Mission Length: Around 90 minutes

JIP: No.


Set up will be 30 minutes before mission start so we can get the mission on properly and everything we can make it as smooth as possible for everyone, this means you have to be there 30 minutes in front yet as assigning slots will take place around 19:15 GMT / 15:15 EDT.


Mission briefing:

At the end of a bloody civil war between the Chenarus Defense Force and the Russian military the CDF are on their last leg and are awaiting a possibly pivotal resupply. As a Russian mechanized unit push into the city of Elektrozavodsk destroy the shipment and finish the fight in the name of Mother Russia!


Sign up link:

Any questions can be sent to me, Benjamin or put in this thread and we will try to answer them as quick as possible.

I hope a lot of you can attend.



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