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TvT Tuesday - Ahoyworld Enhanced - Oct 11, 2000 GMT


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When: Tuesday October 11, 20:00 GMT (16:00 EST)

Server Opens 15 minutes before

Mods: Standard EU3

Player Count: 24 each side

First person lock: Yes

Loadouts: Pre-set

Mission Length: 60 minutes (probably 2 rounds)

JIP: YES (there are respawns, so JIP is fine)

Your time: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=TvT+Tuesday&iso=20161011T2000&p1=0


The mission for this Team vs Team night will be Invade and Secure, a new mission mode based on the popular mode from Project Reality.  It is a sector control mission, where BLUFOR and OPFOR teams have an hour to secure sectors.  The sectors must be secured in order, and each team has 50 respawn tickets; when all sectors are secured, the timer reaches zero, or one side runs out of respawn tickets, the mission ends, and whoever holds the most sectors is the winner.

There are no signups required for this game night, rather it will be first come, first served.  However if you're interested in attending, or want to but can't, post a comment here so we'll know whether we should look at rescheduling.

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Feedback as requested by Copey:


  • Transport respawns at base
  • Fix issue with transports spawning inside spawn dome and subsequently burning out
  • Potential unarmed Transport helicopter with large respawn time?
  • Fix spawns at Sector 2

besides that, loved it <3


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Loved the mission, big gripes with the team. On my side there was no effort to consolidate and coordinate, which I kinda attribute to the singular respawns and subsequent on-foot lonewolfing to the AO. Very reminiscent of King of the Hill, and I dislike that.


+1 on the vehicle respawn, although it would inevitably clutter the contested sectors around midgame pretty quickly. Plus I don't know if despawning unused vehicles should even be considered minding their use as cover. So, perhaps make teamleaders more aware of their rally point ability, and provide a vehicle on the basis of the number of player respawns, e.g., every 5 respawns at a given point, pop in a transport.

Pretty sure a fair few people left after death because they couldn't be bothered to solemnly stroll back. Providing a transport every few respawns would encourage waiting for others, which in turn would help team cohesion.


When players die, TFAR does not mute them for everyone else.


Other than that, I'm looking forward to trying this again. The first session on the salt lake was odd, the second one was perfectly placed. Definitely worth becoming a regular thing.

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Guest Bartlett

I'm definitely interested in this. I poped on ts and was about to join when my daughter woke up crying so if this was on Wednesday through to Saturday I'd be there or later on,on Tuesdays I'd really enjoy giving it a go 

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Good session. Good work as always@ryko. I agree with vehicle respawn and 1 transport chopper for each team with long timer would spice things up. May I also suggest 40 sec longer start timer to get coordinated inside the dome spawn. V

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Same as the others, there was no marksman rifle/scope on blufor side, with no vehicle I had to romp to sector 2, 2nd time I was picked up at sector 1 thankfully, after being away for a couple of weeks it was a very enjoyable return, but what wasnn't enjoyable was finding out that none of my loadouts work now on servers 1 & 2, but thats not for discission here I'll search the forum for that answer, looking forward to the next one, the map Luetin was using on Monday night looks ideal for this but I don't know what it was called, I will see if I can find out :)

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Thanks guys for your comments, and thanks @Copey for managing the event after I had to take a call.  Your feedback is invaluable and I'll be adding much of it to the mission.


Here are the bugs I noted, and am pleased to report they've been addressed in version 4:


1) TFAR not pulling people into the channel.  Forgot a pretty significant include statement, it's there now.

2) flags on capture bases not being replaced: changed my approach to it, works now.

3) initial car placement: cars were being spawned too close together, so I have spaced them out a bit more, so theoretically they shouldn't bunch up and damage each other. Also I've changed the disposition of cars as armored GAZ vehicles are much tougher than unarmored HMMWVs.  Now each team gets 3 4-man jeeps (HMMWV vs UAZ) and 3 troop trucks.  These vehicles will be subject to respawn.

4) CHVD wasn't working, a boneheaded code placement I put in to facilitate rally points ended up killing both features.  These both work now.

5) Zeus modules work for standard EU3 admins and moderators.


The following changes have also been put in:


1) Four spectator slots have been added.

2) On a player's death, their helmet, vest and backpack are removed, as well as primary weapon attachments.  This is largely to prevent members of an opposite team from playing dressup.  You can still raid a player's body for opposing radios, as well as medical supplies.

3) On mission start, players are put into a forceWalk state so they won't try and escape the base... a few extra wards have also been put into place to prevent this.  The initial set up time is meant for players to coordinate radio channels, and any initial planning.

4) A hint advising players that they may leave their initial base on mission start (and that they'll be able to run again) has been added.


The following changes are planned:


1) On higher player counts, additional vehicles may be spawned by team leaders.  These vehicles will reduce the team's ticket count immediately, so it'll be wise to be conservative with these. I'm also considering adding higher end weapons and optics to this spawning system.  I'm trying to avoid everyone being equipped with ACOGs because then it turns into a sniping game.

2) The capture points will be more like a base rather than just a single tower, but the tricky part there is making a composition that doesn't get completely messed up when then random placement puts it on a mountain.

3) Additional factions will be available so it's not always Russians vs Americans.  It's hard to get very far outside those boxes though as the majority of the gear we have available is RHS.




- R

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2 hours ago, Auntystatic said:

Same as the others, there was no marksman rifle/scope on blufor side


The Bravo / Boris squad has the marksman: in the US case, it's an M16 with bipod and ACOG, as well as MK318 ammo.


Each squad contains 6 men, 5 standard roles plus one specialist.


Alpha = Medic

Bravo = Marksman

Charlie = LAT

Delta = UAV


My intention is that the squads get filled up sequentially, so we don't have people rushing to take the UAV slot, but I'm open for suggestions on other specialties and lenience on the squad filling rule.


- R

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Last night I was in Bravo / Boris squad as the marksman and I had a standard m16, no bipod, m-150rco scope and standard 5.56 rounds, but as always I moaned about it, and then just got on with the equipment I had, I also appreciate this was a first time run and there will be bugs, and you have done a lot of work to get rid of them, I look forward to the next one :)

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Personally I really enjoyed the mission however not sure how re-playable it will become 2nd / 3rd time through.


Additionally I am against the 3 objectives, all neutral and we need to move to capture. IMO that encourages everyone to find the fastest route, usually ends up with driving like maniacs and little tactics other than to rush all in.

To change this I would like to see one team start in control of all three objectives therefore one team attacks the other defends. This would mean there isn't a very short period of time for planning and travelling to the objective with more limited tickets and a more considerate time limit maybe ~30 mins to capture an objective? This would hopefully create more care and a larger variation of tactics within the plan instead of "We have to get there before them" which in this case often occurs. Therefore feeling more organised in general.


That sounds rather negative but the mission was really fun but at points felt unorganised and a bit more like any other FPS shooter. Was still a good laugh though

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I enjoyed it very much,


The rushing is usually mitigated with 5 or 6 nodes that are further apart.

Also what would be a good thing is to have bases and nodes further apart and to have two pilot slots. 

There is a game mode for something like this already that i informed Ryko of however i don't know how much it matches what he wants to achieve.

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