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Dayz Mod on Steam!


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They have recently released the Dayz mod as a steam downloadable, it's free as per normal still so no hidden charges (altough it requires you to have Arma: OA)

But this makes it far more accessible and streamlined, unless your the kind of person who wants to mod it and play some of other maps. 

Though it shouldn't be too hard I imagine to install other maps and mods such as I44. 

We will have to give it a go again soon :)

Still eagerly waiting for stand alone though!!!

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It won't ;) since DayZ will get its standalone game edition and Bohemia said that they will try to keep the DayZ copy mods out of ArmaIII :) this is to separate the two games and don't let the same happen as what happened in armaII that by the end all servers run DayZ.


But DayZ standalone will be AWESOME i already got some money put away for that!

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People will still mod arma III like they did to arma II considering a lot of game modes such as Origins and Breaking point are still very popular, it will just be nice when there is more variety in what you can do and play within the game. 

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