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So I've been having what I beleive is know as th'e FPS bug', where after an hour or so of playing, the game suddely just drops to about 2-3 fps and wierd artifacting happens on the character model. Never knew this even existed until about 3-4 weeks ago when it first happened.


Does anyone know of any ways to combat this? Anyone else experiencing it? It's pretty regular now, and it never happened before after yeas of playing very long sessions.


Nothing has really changed on my PC, no new hardware, no new OS.


Only 2 notable changes - Apex but had this since launch, and that was some time ago and now using OBS instead of Dxtory.


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The FPS drop is more than likely attributable to the current memory leak in Arma. Only way I know of to combat it is to make sure you regularly verify your game cache and do regular restarts of the game.


Not heard of the character artifacting before but it may be related, others may know something I don't.


Hope this helps,


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