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New to Arma III Multiplayer: Some Questions


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Salute all! :) 


I am HotleadColdfeet. I am a relatively new player to Arma III, having only started it about half a year ago. Before then, I was (and still am) active in combat flight simulators, especially Rise of Flight


Since I've started Arma III, I've logged about 50 odd hours in single player, going through the VR courses, various showcases and am midway through both the standard single player campaign and the Apex one.


A few days ago, I decided to give multiplayer a shot and wound up on one of your Invade and Annex servers. I knew it was coop, but other than that, I didn't have a clue. I found your teamspeak address in the mission description, so I joined to see if I could talk to someone. There were one or two guys on there, but none of them would talk to me, so I tried talking on the in-game voiceover system, but no one would talk to me there either. Everybody ignored me on chat as well. :( To top it off, some troll rolled me over with his ATV purposefully, and when I got into a helicopter that was waiting, the pilot purposefully crashed it. All in all, not a great time for me...but I don't give up easily! :D I believe the experience I had my first time in multiplayer is not representative of the community and that there are folks here who would be willing to help orient me to the multiplayer side of Arma III. 


So, I have a few questions if you don't mind: 


1) Where can I edit my loadout in the Invade and Annex servers? I found a place where you could save your current loadout, but that's not what I wanted. 

2) What are some good servers I can join as a newer "soldier?" (And how to find these servers - there are literally thousands of them! :blink:)

3) A few guys from the flight sim squadron I belong to ( JG1 ) play Arma III as well. How could we get the most out of Arma III as a group?

4) Is there someone I could talk with on Teamspeak to "show me the ropes" so to speak? I am very green as far as multiplayer goes. 


Many thanks! :)

- HotleadColdfeet







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A lot of new people land on EU1 and EU2 so most of them wont know whats going on either and end up crashing stuff etc. However there are a lot of great players you'll find on the servers if you're on at the right times and a lot of them, if not all with happily accept you into their group and give you a hand.


1: To edit your load out there is normally a AI dude standing somewhere (Look for a group of playing crowding) and then walk up to him, use your scroll menu and then it'll have the option "Arsenal"

2: To be honest the Ahoy world servers are the only ones I've played on so id recommend them, we're all here to help you

3: You all could fly together, but that would be difficult to do on a public server. As infantry, stick together, keep your heads on a swivel and remember that communication is key.

4: Anyone will be happy to help you, you will see people that have tags next to their name, probably your best bet. Donators (Little blue hand), AW members (Two red lines), Field ambassadors (Green flag) and of course the Admins (With a simple AW tag).


Hope this helps you out ^_^

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The thing you will find with public servers is that it's a mixed bag. However I find I have got some great sessions on AW on EU1 and 2 (I won't defend how good EU3 is, as everyone else will do it :-)). 


Stick with it and you'll have a good time here. Oh and talented pilots are always welcome. 


Welcome and see you on the battlefield. 

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Hello @HotleadColdfeet


If i read your introductionpost i have the feeling your first exerience in MP wasnt that positive. But i bet it will change alot. Arma 3 will be your most played game in 2016 and ahoy the family youve never had. I have to admit, its a big family with some strange people in it. But were here for the same reason: fun. Make sure to read the rules of ahoyworld:


Also, teamspeak is public. If you have questions, biggest chance is they get answered by ahoymembers. Look for the guys who are spartans, field ambassadors and admins, they can help you forward. They can also give you tons of info regarding EU3, the modded ahoy server.


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