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EU#5 - Liberation?



So recently Bartlett introduced me to a game mode, "Liberation", and it eventually struck me that it might be a fun thing to run on EU#5, as I understand it's currently sitting idle.


For those that haven't heard of it, info can be found here: http://greuh-liberation.wikia.com/wiki/GREUH_Liberation_Wikia


Now, my idea was that, if nothing else, it could be a good alternative on the modded side running ACE and TFAR.


I've been led to believe that it does feature support for some weapons and vehicles addons, such as RHS, but I've so far been unable to find a comprehensive list to know for certain.


I've been able to locate a version on Altis preset with basic ACE3 functions, here: https://github.com/bramjam/greuh_liberation_ACE3.Altis/releases


TFAR, as I understand it, is plug-and-play, and as such won't need any effort in terms of integration?

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Guest Bartlett

I've played many hours on this game type on my own, and for the first time someone plays it yes its best as vanilla as there's a lot on different things on it, but for the eu3 players and those who are an experienced Arma player then this you would be better with ace and other mods from the eu3 modest, my thoughts are .... have it vanilla and have any idiot on the server or mod it and get those with more skill playing on there meaning less likely that admins would get bugged for some idiot tk' ing and stuff like that as there's already enough of that on eu1&2

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20 minutes ago, PERO said:

I`ve thought about this mission as well. It could be organized as an EVENT. *hint hint*


For the start, I would keep it basic/vanilla as possible for the first run, just to see how stable/good it is.


Vanilla could work fine, but I'd definitely prefer to keep it structured, with the usual chain of command ruleset ported from #3.


If it's decided that it's worthy of a trial run, with or without mods, I'd be happy to be a part of an introduction event.



Happily, it lends itself pretty well to structure, given the Commander slot. Simply lock the spawning of vehicles to the Commander, who stays in base, spawning vehicles in as needed and controlling the AI force.


In the same vein, it could make for an interesting experience even with low player numbers.

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Hi guys we have been looking in to this game mode and I ported it to a different map which we gonna run some tests on 


your welcome to join and i will be running some test sessions this week including 1 today 


Be careful when joining EU#3 rules apply and the commander is in charge ( this also kinda mean with how lib works commander slot is currently Staff only)

Also be prepared to encounter bugs or major flaws :)


you will need to download 1 extra mod which you can find on the following repo ftp://mods.ahoyworld.net/LIB/.a3s/autoconfig will link when its fully up and running 

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