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Adding AA Buzzard back and restriction to Bobcat's



Earlier today, we had an AO in which an Orca and 2 Neo's spawned. Multiple times I requested people to get their AA gear if possible to take down these aircrafts. As expected though no one replied and we had to deal with the aircrafts for quite a while. Now I know that the Buzzard has been removed due to the removal of enemy jets continuously spawning whilst the radiotower is still up. However, we still get heli's and jets to spawn with AO's themselves and they can be a pain.


Iranzan also me the Buzzard AA was removed cause it was also being used as CAS, with the upcoming new Zeus' we could maybe enforce it, even when Admins aren't on the server, that it's not being used for that purpose anymore. Also, perhaps a longer spawn timer could be implemented so it doesn't get abused, perhaps a 20 or 30min respawn timer?


Regularly I see people taking Bobcat's to AO's and use it as a tank rather than a support/repair vehicle and pilots in base are struggling to get their heli's repaired and refueled at the same time. Maybe (not sure if this is doable) we could restrict the Bobcat to a 1-2km radius from it's original spawn so it'll always be closeby for pilots and other vehicles to use at the base if needed. Having to walk towards the HEMMT's to first get it repaired and then later refueled is not only time consuming but also relatively annoying. Or perhaps add a second Bobcat, one that can be used for AO's and the other have it restricted to base only, if this is possible scriptwise though.

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@ AA Buzzard

read up on this too - due to the change to the enemy CAS the need of a jet on our side seems to be questionable

Having more ZEUSpeople watching the rules doesnt work out,having this 24/7 enforced is a pain to watch over and will (sooner or later) be abused.




@ Bobcat

limiting the Bobcat to base only might be achievable by restricting the fuel count to signal the user it "shouldnt" be taken off base - but servicing it will take that solution out soon,too.

Most pilots dont even know about the Bobcats abilitys so they use Repair and Fuel trucks.

Cant blame stupidity ;)


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Enemy CAS jets are there to push players for the objective of destroying Radio Tower. Enemy attack helicopters (seems to me) have very low skill set. They rarely engage infantery and even fail to spot helicopters from time to time. Destroying them is easy with couple AA missiles and even easier with 40mm or 30mm cannon APFSDS rounds as they tend to hover a lot. Fire 5 rounds from 2-3 km and they are dead before they can dodge it.


Bobcat...i must say i would be happeier if somebody took it to AO/Side to support friendly armor and ocasionaly rescue pilot who came to close to enemy and got shot down in the field then to see ppl fooling around with it at base. I dont rage when players drive it away as there is plenty of assets still at base which you can use to repair and refuel.

Fun fact:

Once upon a time Bobcat was able to also rearm vehicle ammo.

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