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change ASCII limits



Got kicked by BE for using ASCII  to much (limited to 2 warning,3rd is kick)  this week and i always found it "racist" towards certain parts of the community (read = germans) as in our native language there s quite often the use of keys like ä,ö,ü and in the mid of a fight or a rush you quickly run into the limits there and get removed.


Here´s a nice overview what characters this applys to and what ASCII is in the first place :

extended ASCII tablechart



Luckily,BE allows to:

  • disable the check for "only english language"      --->     AsciiChatOnly = false
  • set allowed characters when check is in place    --->      IgnoreChatChars = æøåáàéèäöüßä

both doable in the BE config



Therefor,i applaude to change the BE cfg accordingly to give germans an easier time.


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Just a quick update on this topic ...

Soziopath took the heroic effort to recheck on this and corrected a few ,,,,,, in order to make the allowance of OP mentioned characters finally work!

We can now use äÄöÖüÜß and some more non english characters in the server without risking getting removed by BattlEye.

Good job,swedish godess,good job!

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1.- Its not only the germans who use ise it, its the frisian language aswell together with some other.

2.- Server is based on english language, but i understand you guys prefer talking in ur own language, so would I ... but im the only one who speaks/reads frisian in this community i think.

3.- can we implement russian and chinese aswell?



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the original point for this BE checks were indeed used to protect vs malicious script injections.

Thats why i linked the ASCII table and the ability to exclude several (chosen) letters from the BE check.


Used german language as example,due to we got way higher percentage of german players than russian or chinese or frisians :DudeComeOn-min:



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Its all about having options - some people prefer the option of using VON and some people prefer to communicate via chat.

Imo its not a big threat for the server (script injection possibility) because the check is in place since forever and we def. had a few script injections meanwhile,so the "english language only"check isnt gonna stop these anyway?

Not gonna end my world if this isnt going to be changed,i already adapted so far into ze english language ingame that i rarely type in german anyway,still i´d like to see this being changed.


No need to rush it,but bring it on the Agenda when the HQ people meet for the nxt powwow?


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