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Herbert Smith

Herbert Smith

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In-game name when banned: Herbert Smith

What message displays when you attempt to connect? Herbet Smith - zis - waisting assets abuse

Why do you think you were banned? The reason I got banned was because I was not flying even though there was a helicopter standing by when the ban occured.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? When i logged on the server, whoever was flying the Hummingbird has just crashed. There was no avalible air assets except for the vtol, which I am not good at flying, so i decided to wait for some a helicopter to spawn. I had to wait about 10 minutes for a new helicopter to spawn. Once the first helicopter spawned I knew that the hummingbird would spawn in about 1-2 mins. As I could see a helicopter at the base standing by to fly people to the AO I decided to wait for the Hummingbird as that is the helicopter that I am the most comfortable flying. Meanwhile Zissou sent a message out in sidechat that didnt catch my eye as I looking at my phone for a brief second, which you can hear in the clip(skip to 2:00).
I then proceeded to jump on teamspeak and ask exactly why he banned me when he said that I wasted assets and proceeded to ban me.
This server is my favourite Invade and Annex server and I'd very much like to get unbanned as I personally feel that this is not a reason for a permanent ban from the server.

Which administrator banned you (if known): Zissou

When were you banned: 23.09.2016

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I didn't think it was relevant since it was not the reason you banned me and you didn't mention it in the ingame ban nor in the teamspeak ban. When I got banned I was quite infuriated and I went on to say the following: 

<17:59:31> "TrymPet": sorry i dont have mic
<17:59:36> "TrymPet": ok
<17:59:49> "TrymPet": so you want me to run around the base when there are no other air assets?
<18:00:12> "TrymPet": are you autistic? 
<18:00:20> "TrymPet": there were no air assets when i was waiting for it
<18:00:48> "TrymPet": wow
<18:00:51> "TrymPet": what a joke

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it is in the arma ban. "Herbert Smith - zis - wasting asstes abuse"

Also waiting for the hummingbird is a quick way to get in trouble there were other choppers available to fly and if you get caught again waiting, not utilising the slot you won't be coming back. And if you ever talk to me like that again don't even bother filling in a ban appeal as we won't entertain it. 

I will lift the ban on condition that you understand and follow the rules going forward.

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