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What do you fancy besisdes Arma 3


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Arma 3

Kerbal Space Program

Wargame: AirLand Battle & Red Dragon


Console [PS4]:



GTA is the only series besides Arma(well, OFP back then) that made me stick around since the original game. I don't like linear games and get bored quite easily with most of the casual stuff being put to market these days.

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I play a lot:




Assetto Corsa

Elite Dangerous (no Horizons yet , I'll wait)


Occasionally but not enough:


Kerbal Space Program

DCS A-10 / KA chopper thing (I sometimes fire up this "game"  and then get overwhelmed and scared this is going to take ages to learn, time I don't have, and then exit again :unsure:

Wolfenstein (need a mindless pew pew blow everything up game)

World of Warships

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-Arma 3 (zeus n all)
-Pay2Day  (when I wanna yell at their moderators)
-Homeworld (1999(and screw that remaster))
-Overlord (because my girlfriend always plays true evil and I find it hilarious but secretly it freaks me out cause i'm always good evil)
-Battlestations Pacific (world of warships and world of planes before it was cool)


Gamecube (yea, I said gamecube)

-Gauntlets Dark legacy (think the arcade game but every freaking level...)
-Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 and 2 (what I grew up with)

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  • Arma III - obviously.
  • Overwatch - Certianly playing that too much. Overwatch is a fantastic game and I cant recommend it often enough.
  • Planetbase - surprisingly fun base building strategy game
  • Civ V - I kinda refuse buying VI until Ive seen the reviews (and I dont preorder anyway) but got catched up in the hype train.
  • Star Citizen - Speaking of hype trains: here is their king. Right now its just a playable tech demo but I love the spaceships and the graphics and space and spaceships and lazors and spaceships. 
  • Skyrim - I refuse to explain why.


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I only play my computer these days so

Most frequent:

Arma 3 (600 hours)

Prison Architect (137 hours)

Cities Skylines (118 hours)

Dishonored (48 hours+the best game I have ever played before and since)

and thats all the mains that I have the most hours on


*cough cough*Train Simulator (58 hours)*cough cough*

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