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Opening up The Spartan Project


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Hello as per title We are opening up our spartans to applicants   iff you intrested read below and also read the included Link



Hello everyone,


This is just a quick notification that we will - next to admin and moderator - also be opening up the Spartan program1 for public applications, which means that you can apply for this role now; though we still might hand pick candidates..


1 = Spartans are the players with Zeus access on our public servers (EU#1 & EU#2)


We’ve set up a couple of requirements you have to meet before your application will get considered, these are:

  • No minimum position required.

  • Must be a forum member for over 3 month.

  • No warnings or kicks within the last 3 months.

  • No bans in the last 6 months.

  • Should be composed and trustworthy.

  • Should be considerate and respectful, while this is not an administration role you will

be representing the community to the public.

  • Successful applicants must pass a Trial session and a 1 month probation period.

As we would like to have an insight in what skills and creativity you already possess we would like to see some pre-built missions from you. As we would like to see the stage itself as well as what’s behind the scenes we urge you to include a “.pbo” next to some screenshots or video.


We want to make sure you’re a trustworthy person and won’t just use the powers for your own benefit. This is why next to the couple of missions we would also like to recieve a small essay about your motivation behind your aspiration.

After you have been accepted into the program we will also have a certain evening in the week in which you can try out your powers while an admin will be there to lead your first experience to good ends.



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1 hour ago, Spikke - TonyPestroni said:

in the pre-made missions, do i have to simply make one in the editor or in zeus and saving using ares?


will it suffice if i send a video with me making a zeus mission on one of the bohemia official servers?


how long does the "small" essay have to be? 500 words?

Hi  easiest for us is Iff you do it in the editor and send in the pbo


Towards the essay it's more for us to see who you are and what your ideas are Iff you think you can do that in 10 words or 500 doesn't really matter    just a reminder that we'd giving you quiet some access to ruin people's playtime so we do have to be able to fully trust you 


Video off you zeusing on a other server is oke also a video while making the mission is preferred 

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3 hours ago, Taxi said:

For how long will this application be open? 


As I'd love to apply, yet I can't right now because my GPU has died and I'll be getting it back from the retailer in a while.


-Taxi Thomas

Unkown at this time, but probably long enough for a factory to be built to build a new GPU for you to buy.

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