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Public Spartan Application


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Hello AhoyWorld Member,

  Are you considering becoming a Spartan (public Game Master (Zeus)) for our EU1 server? If so there are a couple of Requirements to be met before your application will be considered, which are:

1. Be a Member of AhoyWorlds' Forum for over 3 Months.

2. No Ban(s) in the last 6 Months.

3 Be Composed/ Trustworthy/ Considerate and Respectful towards ALL Players.

4. Have knowledge of our Invade & Annex Guideline and Rules.

5. Have a STRONG Teamspeak & In-Game presence.

 Successful applicants must pass a TRIAL session of a 2 Month probation period. AhoyWorld would like to have an insight towards your Skills and Creativity shown in a Pre-built mission that you have created in Editor in the format of a ".pbo" along with some screenshots or a video.

 We want to ensure that you are a Trustworthy individual who WILL NOT use the powers entrusted to you for your own benefit. Also included in your application should be a small essay about your Motivation/ Desire and Aspiration for applying for the Spartan position.

 If and after your application has been accepted into the Spartan Project the First Months PROBATION will consist of a Moderator/ Administrator or Core Staff who will have to give you permission to your Spartan powers and will be monitored closely to ensure no abuse of your power (If any Moderator/ Admin or Core Staff is present on the Server). The Second month will consist of you being monitored but will have access whenever you connect to AhoyWorld Public Servers without permissions from Moderator/ Administrator or Core Staff.

  AhoyWorld thanks you for your application. We will contact you if you have been Accepted or Rejected with a Direct Message to your Account.






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